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Jun 2024
Jun 2024
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Hotel The Craftsmen is nominated for the Entree Awards of 2021

In 2021 Hotel The Craftsmen is nominated for the Dutch Entree Awards in the category Best New Hotel between the 1 and 5o rooms. In this category, the jury looks at the entire hotel concept and its implementation. Attention is paid to interior, creativity, functionality and innovation. The jury also pays attention to ‘the backside’: good employment practices, entrepreneurship and sustainability play an important role in this.

Hotel The Craftsmen consists of fourteen rooms in three canal houses on Het Singel in Amsterdam. Owner Michelle Zandbergen: “We want to show the rich history of the building and the Amsterdam craftsmanship.”

Zandbergen engaged Stef van der Bijl for the interior, who worked together with Aart Taminiau and Joram Barbiers, among others. She continues: “Guests describe the hotel as a museum. For example, a mural in the hallway depicts the history of the building and in some rooms guests will find lamps mounted in an antique folding canoe to the ceiling, works of art made from hundreds of timepieces and wardrobes made from an airplane door from a Fokker F28. There are also two impressive refurbished operating lamps in the breakfast room.”

Monumental building
Because the linked buildings have many height differences, the hotel is characterized by sneak-through corridors, attractive (seating) corners and a monumental staircase under the original beam structure.

You can find the Entree Awards website here.