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Sep 2019
Sep 2019
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Hotel The Craftsmen

Located just minutes from Central Station and right in the Canal District of Amsterdam, you can find Hotel The Craftsmen. Boasting 14 distinctive rooms, each portraying a Dutch historical craft.



Shoe makers lighting
Stef van der Bijl crafting

“Reinventing the past in the future." With unique and handmade items, Creative Director Stef van der Bijl, blew new life into forgotten antiques and industrial objects. By honouring the craftsmen of the Dutch history, Hotel The Craftsmen now offers a distinctive design, strong historical story and the luxury it deserve.

A Piece of Cultural History Since 1652

The canal houses on the Singel have a rich past: the oldest building was built in 1652 by Roelof Swaen, aide to Michiel de Ruyter, who used the former House de Swaen as a ferry house. Huis de Swaen was bought in 1917 by Mr. Brouwer, who opened Hotel Brouwer there. It remained exactly that way for 100 year. A new era has come and with a strong vision the family Zandbergen opened Hotel The Craftsmen, a 14-room boutique hotel where Dutch historical crafts are honored.

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Hotel The Craftsmen

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The Craftsmen, 83 Singel, 1012 VE, Amsterdam

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